How To Create A Simple Woodsy Holiday Tablescape

There’s a debate arising over whether to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  Many want to keep the two separate.  In my case, if I’m going to have 25+ people in my home for Thanksgiving – some who won’t be able to make it for Christmas – why not go ahead and decorate? On the other hand, it’s November and I still want Thanksgiving to look like Thanksgiving. Today I’m sharing 3

How To Make An Easy Holiday Tablecloth

When planning this year’s holiday table and you realize you’re in need of a new tablecloth don’t limit your options to disposable plastic, something covered in smiling pumpkins or gigantic poinsettia blooms.  Think outside the box.  I love decorating for the holidays. And I want things to look beautiful. But I also love handmade or even homespun touches to my holiday tablescapes.  With today’s holiday tablecloth you get all of

Floral Cafe Curtain for the Master Bath

I still remember the first curtains I ever picked out & purchased for myself. Floor length panels for our living room and I adored them. They were perfect! Purchased from Spiegel, I imagined using them for years to come. Styles change as quickly as the seasons yet, every now and then you’ll find something that just might stand the test of time. I believe this floral cafe curtain is one

The Best Cafe Curtain for a Traditional Dining Room

A dining room that’s a bit timeless yet collected and eclectic all at the same time. How do you choose the right window treatment?  Floor length panels were the first thing that came to mind and definitely an expected option for a formal dining room. Maybe too expected. Anytime you add long panels to a room you add a touch of formality. We were looking for a more casual option that would still

Easy Flange Pillow Tutorial For A Quick New Pillow…NOW

Company’s coming and you’re determined to whip up a new pillow. Because logically when you’re short on time and should be cleaning potties the best choice of action is to sit down and sew a new pillow. If this is how your brain works this pillow is for you.  Quick, Easy and Super Cute. This pillow gives you the satisfaction of making something fast with the cutest bit of detail

How to Make a Ruffled Bolster Pillow

The thought of making a bolster pillow may seem daunting. So much so that you might change your mind and settle for a square pillow instead. And that’s such a shame!  Because if you’re looking for something different…a bolster pillow might be just thing for your next project. 

Pleated Valance – Scallops, Pleats, Piping It’s All in the Details

One of the best things about making your own curtains is the chance to incorporate all sorts of details.  I love details. The little extra “something” that might go unnoticed by some but make all the difference in the final results. Today I’m sharing a board mounted scalloped & pleated valance that’s traditional in design yet full of details that can be incorporated in so many different curtain projects.   In the Gallery of this

4 New Window Treatments

Today I’m sharing 4 new window treatments that range in style from soft & simple panels to a vibrant, colorful valance to tailored & pleated panels.   The first set of curtains frame out a pair of large french doors that overlook the family’s back patio.  The open concept of this space features a living room, dining room and kitchen where we recently placed a splash of both color and pattern over

How to Fix the Busted Zipper in Your Favorite Pillow

I love this combination of fabrics. The pairing of a classic black and white houndstooth with a vibrant turquoise ruffle. This pillow is part of a collection of pillows I made a couple of years ago for Stacey. It’s one of her favorites. And as sometimes happens with gently loved items the zipper gave out.  Sometimes it’s not, but in this case the pillow was definitely worth the extra effort of putting

Kitchen Cafe Curtain – A Bold Fabric Combination and A Mud Bench Cushion

There was something missing. A brand new home featuring a large, family-style kitchen. Solid maple cabinets and hardwood floors. An island, big enough for a crowd to gather around. And a eye-catching barn door leading to the pantry. But Carol felt there was something missing. Color.  While she loved the neutrality of her new home she was ready for color. A bold kitchen cafe curtain became the answer. 

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